Friday, 14 September 2012

                And I am Lucky to be blessed with one.......    

 *When we first met, i honestly had no idea that you would be so important to me*-yes this is what i felt and so does everyone who falls in love. Here i am not talking about some fairytale love story but an ordinary story that turned into love. People say that in arrange marriage love is a choice and not the feeling but i had culminated this feeling in my marriage.
 I was sitting in the temple premises, waiting in anticipation, a little nervous like any other girl (talking with my own self and fighting all the conflicting questions  signalled by my brain and heart). And then there was this sudden moment when i first saw him (no there was no background music fiddling for me). After all the formalities with our respected elders we were allowed to talk with ourselves. In an arranged marriage there is inevitable pressure from elders but i never approached him with a mindset to marry him or to hate him either.
I was pretending to be on a blind date and was just relaxed (though my heart was taking a roller-coaster ride inside). we had a small but very candid conversation. After discussing all the important issues depending on our preferences i was convinced that yes he's the right choice for me.
We had a courtship period of just two months (very soon in an arranged marriage). During these 2 months i never felt that the person i am marrying is a total stranger...he always made me feel "special"and if asked by anyone whether he 's doing love marriage or arrange his answer would be- Love marriage because he believed that he was in love with me on first sight(love here does not mean physicality but the compatibility we shared).Though we were distances apart there was special bond that made our relationship robust."If i was my Father's princess, he made me feel like his Queen".I was in the seventh heaven....I was and am in Love with him.
Now that i have completed 6 months(and shall complete many more decades together) of my marriage euphorically i can say what love is. It’s not just going to movie, beach, holding hands, etc. It’s more than that. It’s about affection. It’s about understanding. It’s about being honest. It's living, dynamic creature that changes, grows, and needs attention -- and you must nurture it. My husband has been great in taking  the lead in this.
I am not saying that these feelings do not exist in love marriages but those who are apprehensive about the success of arrange marriages what i can say is that do not hesitate or fret-  it is a wonderful thing ever happened on this earth. I am telling this from my own experience & people who are in love will also agree with me. Everybody should fall in love. Everybody has the right to fall in love.  
                       Hosh Valon Ko Khabar Kya, Zindagi Kya Cheez Hai
               Ishq Kije Phir SamajhiyeBekhudi Kya Cheez Hai


  1. wow!!!beautiful piece of writing!!loved d pic of the two eggs togethr!! Yup u r rite,Arranged marriages r kind of a blessing in disguise...In my case, aftra week of my engagement,someone asked me whethr it was arranged or love??N I ws actuallly n truly confused for abt 5 seconds..thn I sAID "its arranged only but I dun knw why I m feeling like its LOVE"!!!!(Ritu di hd asked me!!)

    1. thnx shilpi....u nw who inspired me tto write...:P

  2. very nice to read this genuine blog....

  3. Wow.... Really
    Yaar...... Love You Lot baby ....... <3
    Keep it Up .... :)

    1. thnx my dear.....i ll surely try to keep it up...:*